Inclusion On Stage Project Local Workshop in Tamale.

Inclusion on stage local event workshop took place in Tamale, Ghana on August 28th 2021, hosted by SEDARVP GHANA .This beautiful event brought together 30 participants and 2 trainers including mentors, youth workers, youth leaders and local stakeholders from different cultural backgrounds.


The training workshop aimed at improving the quality of non-formal education mobility activities and strengthening their impact on young people’s employability through equipping youth workers and youth leaders with ICT tools, skills and competences.
After the end of the workshop, participants expressed their satisfaction and promise to apply the knowledge acquired at their work places, schools and many endeavors that they may find themselves in.
As agreed by all partners that, after each international youth training, partners will organized local workshops in their various communities, that is why there was the need for us to organized this local workshop on the project “Inclusion on Stage” accordingly , with the aim to :

• Disseminating the project results in the local community,
• To present and promote the learning outcomes of the previous International youth mobility and exchange best practices


The workshop started with the presentation of the Inclusion on stage Project, the facilitator then introduced the main results achieved through the previous youth mobility training in Mombasa, Kenya and the need to replicate that locally. The main methodology involved games and activities, group work and practicals. Finally, a round table involving all the participants was held for experience sharing.


The workshop will address Youth Employment and Entrepreneurship.
An interesting result of the workshop was represented by the positive feedback collected from the participants since there is a lack of operational knowledge and they need these kind of contribution.
The participants were challenged to develop ideas for ICT-enabled, socially responsible businesses and programs that can be initiated by young people


The project is co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of the European Union and coordinated by Fundacja Active Kids in partnership with Sedarvp Ghana Nordic European Mobility and Social View Kenya.


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