Sedarvp Ghana Embarked on A community Drama project on Teenage Pregnancy and Child Marriage

SEDARVP-GHANA in partnership with Savana Signatures held a community program on the topic; Teenage Pregnancy and Early Child Mariage at Kalpohini-Yapala. These two organisations on the 30th of October 2021 conscientised young girls and few women on Teenage Pregnancy and Early Child mariage and it’s dangers and challenges to the youth at large.

Kalpohini Yapala is a community in the northern with about 600 people of which 400 are women. The community according to the assembly man of the area has had to battle with teenage pregnancy and child marriage recently. This necessitated the decision of SEDARVP-GHANA and her partners to choose the community for this sensitization exercise.

Mr. Abdul-Wasir Mohammed , a volunteer from SEDARVP Ghana took the opportunity to introduce SEDARVP-GHANA briefly to the community members.

The team used forum drama in the form of theatre to send out the message to the community members. Volunteers from SEDARVP-GHANA and volunteers from the community, totaling 16 people participated in drama and acted out characters to convey the message of Teenage Pregnancy and child marriage to the people.

The drama highlighted in details what constitutes child marriage, Teenage Pregnancy and its effects on the youth and on the development of the community. The drama left piercing lessons for participants, totally discouraging Teenage Pregnancy and child marriage. Participants saw how these two cancars effected the education and personal development of characters who played the roles of victims in the drama. They saw how the parents of these victims in the drama was humiliated and how the community in general was affected in the drama.

Sedarvp-Ghana and her partners express gratitude to the elders, women and youth of the community for accepting them into their community with such warm reception. The participants and community leaders also express their thanks to SEDARVP-GHANA and her partners for choosing their community for such an educative exercise.

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