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As a volunteer with SEDARVP GHANA, you discover a new culture, accomplish something unforgettable, and explore what Ghana has to offer! Immerse yourself in Ghanaian village life while contributing to the promotion of livelihoods, Education of children, and the sustainable local farming methods of communities. This is an opportunity for you to connect with West African culture, while being part of a broader positive community change, supported by volunteers from all walks of life. Welcome to Tamale!

Tamale (Dagbani : [ˈtamalɛ] officially called Tamale Metropolitan Area) is the fastest growing city in West Africa. It is the capital city of the Northern Region of Ghana. The City is a current hotspot for investment in the West African sub-region. It is stable, peaceful and presents limitless opportunities for potential investors. The people of the City are known for their unique hospitality and friendliness. Tamale is Ghana’s third-largest city. It has a projected population of 950,124 according to the Tamale Metropolitan Assemble Official Website. The city is located 600 km (370 mi) north of Accra. Most residents of Tamale are Muslims, as reflected by the multitude of mosques in Tamale, most notably the Central Mosque, Afa Ajura Mosque( Ambariyyah Mosque), and The Ahmadiyyah Muslim mission Mosque.

Tamale is located in the Northern region and more precisely in the Kingdom of Dagbon. The local (neighbourhood) chiefs and the district chief of Tamale are subservient to the Dagomba King in Yendi. The Capital Accra is in Ghana at the longitude of -0.19 and latitude of 5.6. Tamale is in Ghana at the longitude of -0.85 and latitude of 9.43.

Distance between Accra and Tamale

The total straight-line distance between Accra and Tamale is 432 kilometers (km) and 100 meters (m). The miles based distance from Accra to Tamale is 268.5 miles.

This is a straight-line distance and so most of the time the actual travel distance between Accra and Tamale may vary due to curvature of the road. The driving distance or the travel distance between Accra and Tamale is 628 km and 81 meters. The mile based, road distance between these two travel points is 390.3 miles.

Time Difference between Accra and Tamale

The sun rise time difference or the actual time difference between Accra and Tamale is 0 hours, 2 minutes and 38 seconds. Note: Accra and Tamale time calculation is based on UTC time of the particular city. It may vary from country standard time, local time etc.

Midway point between Accra and Tamale

Mid-way point or halfway place is a center point between source and destination locations. The mid way point between Accra and Tamale is situated at the latitude of 7.518387851295 and the longitude of -0.51687053902984. If you need refreshment you can stop around this midway place, after checking the safety, feasibility, etc.


  • URBAN VOLUNTEERING-is based in the capital, Accra
  • RURAL VOLUNTEERING- is based in most remote communities in Tamale and beyond.
  • Engage in positive cultural exchange with the local community
  • Visit an abundant wildlife, which includes the MOLE NATIONAL PARK, PAGA CROCODIE POND, MONKEY SANTUARY and many more.


  1. Available year-round with flexible start dates
  2. A variety of 8 meaningful project options in different parts of Ghana.
  3. Weekends are meant for volunteers to rest or travel to any of our tourist sites in Ghana
  4. We have Urban volunteer placement and rural volunteer placement
  5. Volunteers are accommodated in host families, every host family has a host mother or sister who assists volunteers, and volunteers are free to learn how to cook some of our local dishes from their host mothers or sisters.
  6. Program fees include airport pick-up, orientation, accommodation, meals and 24/7 in-country support
  7. Program fees can be found on the page “COST OF VOLUNTEERING”


Project duration: 1 to 12 weeks and above.
Project Period: Year round
Working days and hours: Monday to Friday, 5 hours a day
Daily work 8:00am to 14:00pm approximately
Weekends: Local sight-seeing and cultural trip
Arrival airport: Kotoka International Airport- Terminal-3
Accommodation: Host family
Meals: Breakfast, lunch, and dinner
Requirements: Intermediate English, tourist visa and expect to live in Rural conditions.
Age limit: 17 years old or more to travel alone.
Minimum age: 12 to 16 years old if you travel with your parents.
Vaccinations: Yellow fever, Malaria, hepatitis A and typhoid fever.

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