Sedarvp-Ghana Undertakes Community Empowerment Programme at Zoggu

Sedarvp-Ghana, which drives for positive change through community engagement undertakes a duo empowerment programmes in Modern Agricultural Practices and Adolescent Education and Menstrual Health at Zoggu community in the Naton District of the Northern Region of Ghana.

Engaging the services of our UDS social change and communication department Interns, namely Mr. Abdul-Wasir Mohammed , Ms. Rukaya Kpeb , Mr. Yussif Ismail, Ms. Fatimah Neindow, Ms. Haruna Huda and Ms. Farhana Issah., With the help of Mr. Issah Abubakari, an expert in agriculture , the community members were taken through modern Agricultural practice touching on critical farming issues related to pre-harvest challenges, post-harvest losses and the need to plan, prepare for this seasons in the farming cycle. These areas are critically important as farmers need to protect and preserve their produce else risk losing the produce and wasting their energy in the entire farming season.

The team also enlightened the farmers on the best fertilizer, weedicides and pesticides application practices.

During the interactive session, farmers ask pertinent questions and complain also about unwholesome or uncertified inputs in the market. These weedicides according to them dry their crops instead of killing only weeds.

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