SEDARVP Ghana participates in ‘Youth Speaks Forum’

Members of Sedarvp Ghana at Youth Speaks Forum

Five members from SEDARVP Ghana participated in the YOUTH SPEAKS FORUM on the 7th of July, 2020 organized by the Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana) and the Youth Bridge Foundation (YBF), the forum which was organized ahead of the 2020 elections sought to enhance discourse on youth development and promote policies and Programmes that advance inclusion and development in the country.

The event had a panel consisting of leaders of CDD Ghana, Youth Bridge Foundation and reps from the NDC, PNC, CPP, PPP and NPP who were given an opportunity to address participant’s from various youth groups within tamale on youth policies they intend to roll out as political parties in their manifestos ahead of the 2020 general elections.

All political party reps in their presentations spelt out what their parties while in government have done and what they intend to do as their contributions towards youth development, youth empowerment and youth training as far as the Ghanaian youth is concerned.

An open forum session was allowed for participants to ask political party reps questions and share with them their expectations as youth. A lot of questions and contributions were made by participants from various youth groups but the most dominant amongst them was the lack of youth participation in politics and the fact that politicians make decisions for the youth with little or no consultation. The political parties in response ensured the youth of better days and urged then to expect more improvement in every aspect of youth development when they are voted into power. 

The program ended with closing remarks from the moderator Mrs. Regina and the leader of CDD Ghana  

In an interview after the programme, Mr. Mohammed Andani, Executive Secretary of SEDARVP  Ghana and a participant of the event expressed gratitude to CDD Ghana and Youth Bridge foundation for the opportunity and platform given to the youth to engage directly with political parties on youth development. According to him, “the only group of people who know what’s best for the youth are the youth, therefore opportunities should be given to young people to participate actively in politics and in the decision making of issues concerning the youth”

The team of participant’s from SEDARVP Ghana included:

1. Abukari Shaibu Niendow (Founder and executive Director)

2. Alhassan Mohammed Andani (Executive Secretary)

3. Ibrahim Seidu (Finance secretary)

4. Alai Wumpini (IT Specialist)

5. Wumpini Hibbatullah Sulemana (Women and Youth Empowerment Project Coordinator)

6. Mohammed Awal, Projects Director

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