SEDARVP Ghana condemns lynching of 90-year-old woman

The lynching of a 90-year-old woman in Kafaba in the East Gonja District last week has been one of the gruesome acts against humanity in recent times.

Sedarvp-Ghana wishes to strongly condemn this outright lawlessness and act of impunity. In a progressive society where development should be the biggest objective, primitive cultures like this should be the last thing to be held on to.

Whilst we condemn the act and bereave with the family of the victim, we call on government and the law enforcement agencies to speed up investigations and mete out stiffer punishments for every person who is found culpable in the murder of the victim. Sedarvp-Ghana entreats government as a matter of significant interest, to take this as a great opportunity to strictly apply the law, in order to deter people from engaging in such heinous crimes.

The most significant issue that needs attention in communities like Kafaba is social and economic development, not the allegations of witchcraft and lynching of persons alleged to be witches. This is a sad development, which continues to gravely affect the progress of so many communities and must be condemned and punished. The victim and her family, just like any others, deserve justice and Sedarvp-Ghana commits to any advocacy that would yield the said justice.

Mr. Abukari Shaibu Niendow

Executive Director of SEDARVP-GHANA.