SEDARVP GHANA joins in commemorating International Earth Day

In commemorating the International Earth Day; NacPACC, Forestry Commission in Collaboration with SEDARVP GHANA, jointly celebrated this year’s International Earth Day at Kunyivilla Primary School, located in the Sagnarigu District,Tamale.

April 22, 2021 marked the 51st anniversary and annual celebration of the International Earth Day. This year’s theme for the celebration was ‘Restore Our Earth’. Many organizations, as well as social and environmental activists addressed topical issues on climate change and environmental safety; and, emphasized the significance of addressing environmental challenges in communities.

The program planners took this great opportunity to invite community leaders and experts from organizations to sensitize the general public on the need to maintain the natural cover of the earth. The program also reminded the community to conserve the natural environment.

All guest speakers from the various organizations present focused their speeches on the roles of schools and students in contributing to saving the environment and advocating climate change issues.

Some experts did not mince words in lamenting how a good number of important plants and wildlife are facing extinction. They called for measures to engender massive afforestation practices in order to create a friendly climate that meets future needs and expectations.

Participants were further entreated to engage in environmental cleaning and other safety protocols as a standard practice to mitigate the current menace of pollution.

Other speakers also touched bush burning as one key factor that destroys the natural environment. They lamented the fact that bush burning has in several years resulted in farmers no longer being able to engage in natural plantation practices, without having to adopt artificial ways of planting.

They also encouraged family heads to help in building and owning household toilet facilities to stop open defecation.

Essentially, all guest speakers held a common position on the effects of climate change – citing the profound rise in temperatures, many unhealthy weather conditions, food destruction, etc; and unanimously called the invigoration of climate change advocacy across communities.