‘Grow Together Foundation’ in partnership with Sedarvp-Ghana donates to needy students in Kpawumo village School

'Grow Together Foundation' in partnership with Sedarvp-Ghana donates to needy students in Kpawumo village School

On Wednesday 11th September 2019, a team from the grow together foundation and SEDARVP GHANA embarked on a journey to the Kpawumo village, in a quest to reach out to underprivileged children in the village school. This was part of the grow together

Foundation’s project dubbed; “Back to School”.

A project that seeks to provide underprivileged students in rural areas with educational materials to aid in their learning process. The project also seeks to engage students in nonformal educational activities to boost their interest in education giving them a reason to want to go to school every day with a smile.

During the visit, the team engaged the students in a quiz competition on basic mathematics, word spelling and sentence reading, the quiz masters were SEDARVP GHANA Spanish VOLUNTEERS in the person of MARIA and DIEGO. In the end, the winners were awarded with story books, exercise books and other educational materials as a way of motivating them to take their studies serious.  However each student present received a number of exercise books, pens and pencils.

The Grow Together foundation is an all-girl based organization which was formed earlier this year by Timtooni Suad, a young lady who brought together other young girls to reach out to the less privileged in society. Timtooni Suad; founder of Grow Together Foundation said that she saw the need to embark on this journey due to the increasing number of school drop outs in the rural communities due to minor issues like lack of educational materials making her realize the need for them to take action and intervene in the little way they can to make a change.

Mr. Abukari Shaibu Niendow, founder and executive Director of SEDARVP GHANA also said that, he was inspired by the efforts made by the young ladies to effect change in the rural communities through the “Back 2 School” project, hence the reason to partner with Grow Together Foundation to see to it that this vision that both organizations share is realized.

Members of the team present for this donation included: Mr. Abukari Shaibu Niendow founder and Director of SEDARVP GHANA, ,Ms Ahmed Saani Timtooni Suad; founder of Grow Together FoundationMr. Awal Mohammed,  Director of Programs;  SEDARVP GHANA , Mr. Mohammed Andani; Executive Secretary, SEDARVP GHANA , Mr. Nurudeen M. Zakiw; Orgarnizer, SEDARVP GHANA . Ms Osman Suad, Ms Humu HaaniMs  Shawana and Ms Vivian from Grow Together Foundation.