“Inclusion on Stage” Project


The project “Inclusion on stage” aims to design learning methodologies for inclusion of youth with fewer opportunities sector through intercultural facilitation methodology based on theatre of the oppressed which enable development of participants level of competences and increase their participation in society.


Combining the formal education concepts with the non-formal theatrical methodology

Combining non-verbal communication methods (theater, drama, mime) with the possibilities offered by communication using modern ICT tools

Developing the training modules which combine the non-formal theatre methodology with ICT education.

Increasing participation of educators at the local and regional level

Increasing awareness of the needs of educators at local and international level

Developing ICT instruments with British drama and theatre methodology which supports solving current social problems, with a special focus on social inclusion.

Partners involved in this project are:

  • GHANA –Sedarvp NGO
  • KENNYA- Social View NGO
  • POLAND- Fundacja Active Kids NGO

SWEDEN-Nordic European Mobility NGO