Women and Girls Empowerment

women and girls empowerment

In most traditions in Africa, the girl child is presumed to be the weaker sex and she must always be submissive to the male counterparts. Most of the girls are not allowed to go to school and are ordered by their parents to stay home and trained to become housewives, prone to early marriages, denied access to school and viable to early pregnancies. This tradition is unfortunately widespread in Ghana, especially in the rural areas where the female child is deemed socially inferior to the male child and are not allowed to express themselves among the males. With this project, the organization aims at building their confidence, provide them with education and develop their leadership skills.

Majority of women in remote or rural communities faces great deal of social inequalities that lowers their self-esteem, an aspect that this project is bent on alleviating through providing education to improve their English and practical skills. This aims at developing their leadership skills and improve their self-esteem.

As organization, we also have skills training centers set up where majority of these women and young girls who want to learn a skill is given the opportunity to do so. This project does not require previous teaching experience to participate since the local team will help the volunteer with lesson planning and topic formulation. However, volunteers for this project should be compassionate, have a good knowledge of the English language and can communicate well with adolescent girls and women. By being there to offer care and compassion, volunteers are making a huge impact on the lives of these wonderful teenage girls and young mothers and assisting care givers and staff.

Goals of this Project:

  1. Provide essential care and support to vulnerable young women
  2. Improve the future prospects of abused and disadvantaged women through
  3. Give vulnerable women quality care, compassion and a sense of hope
  4. Enable inter-cultural exchange which benefits both locals and international volunteers alike.

How you can help

Volunteers on this program play an essential role in empowering vulnerable women and helping them and their families to achieve a better life. Volunteers will see first-hand the huge difference they can make in vulnerable women’s lives, i.e. by teaching them skills such as reading, how to speak English, and basic life skills. Another major benefit is teaching income generating skills to women so they can participate in economic activities, earn their own money and gain independence, something most women in western society take for granted.

Having sufficient knowledge of English, to effectively communicate will be an advantage for the volunteer, and will be extremely beneficial for the girls and young women on the program. This program gives volunteers the opportunity to have true impact on women in real need. Volunteers will gain much from this experience, and will give the women a sense of hope for a brighter future.

Volunteers will contribute in several ways to this program and can expect to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Educate the adolescent girls on how to handle body men’s anatomy, hormones, Puberty, and menstrual cycles.
  2. Educate the women and adolescent girls in sex education, health and hygiene good practices
  3. Train women and girls on how to defend themselves from sexual predators and unprotected pregnancy
  4. Be a friend and role model to the women and girls for purposes of sharing experiences and skills
  5. Attending to and interacting with the young girls and knowing the life of adolescent girls
  6. Working on awareness programs for abused girls and women
  7. Working on self-employment skill development programs for abused women and adolescent girls