Sports Volunteering

Are you someone who is bursting with energy and has a knack for sports and games? On top of that, do you also love working with people and want to learn about their culture? In that case, you’re the perfect match to volunteer with us. Sport is a great means to unite people and promote physical activity through fun and games. It’s healthy, a great stress reliever and a wonderful way to balance energy levels.

Volunteers on this project work with young children and older Ghanaians to help develop their interest in a range of sports and increase their skill base. In addition to the physical benefits of sports education, this project helps in developing the mental discipline of the children, as well as heightening their alertness and coordination. The Sports Teaching project will generally involve physical training, teaching the children how to work as a team, bringing the best out in the players, and encouraging children to have more self-confidence.

Football/soccer is a popular sport in Ghana; however volunteers are also encouraged to introduce new sports to the children. To teach these sports, volunteers may need to bring equipment from home, as there is a chance it may not be available for purchase in Ghana. Volunteers do not need any previous teaching experience to participate in the Sports Education project, however it is important to note that volunteers may be required to teach other classes during their project, such as: Math, English, Science or Social Studies (Geography and History) as sports is usually taught in the afternoon and early evening. Sedarvp Ghana works with our girls football Academy and the boy’s football academy as well.

The main aims of this program are the following:

  1. Improve the future prospects of disadvantaged children
  2. Improve health and social issues by engaging youths in physical activity
  3. Provide insight into the special importance of a healthy lifestyle, increase confidence, teach teamwork and other skills that will benefit children
  4. Create intercultural understanding where both local children and international sports volunteers in the programs can learn from each other
  5. Gain practical work experience while teaching children.