Dental Care, Nurse and Hospital Care

For volunteers studying or practicing dentistry, this program offers a unique opportunity to learn and assist those who need it most in Ghana. Majority of Ghanaians are simply unable to afford dentistry, to the t detriment of their health.

This amazing program puts dentistry care into impoverished communities to ensure it’s getting to those who need it most. Volunteers should have completed at least one year of dental school (to observe only), while those with two or more years of study can access practical work opportunities at the discretion of partners. Qualified dental volunteers can apply for a temporary license to actively practice. This volunteering program is a perfect learning occasion for students or those thinking about a career in dentistry, giving them wonderful observation and support experience. Ghana is such a peaceful, beautiful, amazing place to visit with volunteers having the opportunity to soak up the friendly Ghanaian beautiful culture.

Goals of this Project:

  1. Improve the dental health prospects of the people of northern region
  2. Provide quality dental care to the people served by this project
  3. Provide an opportunity for students to learn and observe
  4. To create a better cultural understanding between all participants

How You Can Help

With an over-burdened medical system, volunteers are greatly needed to help provide quality dental care to the people of Ghana. Volunteers on this program provide support to staff to meet the daily workload and improve patient care. Volunteers will help in health care centers, communities and schools. They will assist with dental health education by working within communities alongside locally trained dentists and dental hygienists to conduct workshops and provide basic services and care. The types of care provided includes dental examinations, diagnosis, tooth extraction, filling, cleaning, fluoride applications and oral health education. Ideal volunteers for this program include: dental students, dental assistants, dental hygienists and dentists. Dental students will only be able to observe but professionals, once registered with the Dental Council of Ghana, will be able to do practical work. Registration takes between 3 and 12 weeks. Volunteers will find a placement on this program to be an extremely beneficial addition to both their dentistry careers and their life experience.

Volunteers contribute in many ways and can expect to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Assist dentistry staff in the treatment of patients
  2. Assist with conducting workshops
  3. Interact with patients and provide support
  4. Assist with administrative duties where required