Youth Workers United towards an Intercultural Citizenship

Youth workers

African, Latin America and European societies are nowadays increasingly multicultural and an Intercultural Learning approach becomes more important every day to provide youngsters

– in particular those with fewer opportunities – with relevant competences in order to be active in their communities, to be fulfilled in the labor market, satisfied as human being.

This is why the aim of this project is to strengthen the intercultural & citizenship NFE skills and competences of Youth-workers in order to generate development and improve Youth employability.


Priorities Addressed:

-Fostering the assessment of transversal skills

-Promoting the take-up of practical entrepreneurial experiences in education, training and youth work

-Improving the attainment of young people with low basic skills.


-Promoting young people’s social inclusion and well-being.



The project aims to the development of competences of Youth-workers supporting intercultural learning in order to help youth with different cultural backgrounds to valorize themselves in the educational process and in the labour market.

The project will develop actions addressing diversity with non-formal education, developing social, civic, intercultural competences on dealing with diversity and learners with fewer opportunities, while strengthening quality through international cooperation.



Project Coordinator:

Beecom Association (Italy)



  • D’antilles et D’Ailleurs (France)
  • Centro de Estudios de Paysandu (Uruguay)
  • Association Negra de Defensa Y Promocion de los derechos humano(Peru)
  • Sedarvp Ghana( Ghana)