Teaching and Community Development


On this essential education program, volunteers are placed in a school in Ghana which has high levels of staff shortages as a result of limited funding and inadequate resourcing. These schools are also usually attended by orphaned and underprivileged children. For these reasons, volunteer teachers in Ghana are desperately needed here. The teaching which volunteers in Ghana undertake varies and can cover one or more of a wide range of academic subjects, as well as practical vocational skills.

These skills help students to improve their career prospects. Volunteers play an invaluable role in teaching children and supporting their educational needs, helping them to increase their chances of higher levels of education, and thus the chance for future employment and a brighter future. Volunteers can plan and teach lessons in subjects including English, Math, Science, Physical Education, Health, HIV awareness and any other subjects that the volunteer has knowledge and interest in. Volunteers can also plan fun activities and sports programs for recess times and after schools. As a volunteer in this project you will have the opportunity to try different roles and projects, depending on your interests and abilities.

These volunteer opportunities do not require specialized skills (although these would be an advantage), and we accept volunteers for short and long-term placements, throughout the year. Volunteers certainly get an incredible life experience from participating in our placement program. Upon arrival, most volunteers test all projects before selecting the tasks that suit them best. The first days of their placement will be orientation and adjustment to Ghanaian culture. After this initial period, your placement work will begin. The type of work you are involved in will depend on your interests, skills, level of experience, as well as your comfort level. Youth sports lessons are in high demand and volunteers with coaching or athletics skills are welcome!

Goals of this Project:

  1. Provide English language skills and teach other subjects to vulnerable children in Tamale
  2. Teach and interact with marginalized children in Africa
  3. Improve the future prospects of this impoverished children, and help them to break the poverty cycle
  4. Expose volunteers and children to different people and cultures

How You Can Help

Volunteers play an important role in helping improve the education of the impoverished children in Ghana. They will give back by sharing their knowledge and helping children achieve their goals, while also gaining the chance to learn so much about the children and our Ghanaian way of life. As well as helping by teaching the curriculum, volunteers will also assist at some schools with the development of sustainable projects such as gardens, farming and water sanitation projects.

Volunteers are more than welcome to help with these or develop their own projects along with local staff and students. Volunteers will be assigned to the schools that need volunteers the most at the time of their placement. This promises to be a very beneficial program for both volunteers and the wonderful children in the school.

Volunteers will contribute in a number of ways and can expect to undertake the following tasks:

  1. Teaching English and other subjects to children attending the school
  2. Assisting teachers and volunteers in classes
  3. Teach subjects the volunteer has an interest in (i.e. sport, music, art)
  4. Create games in English for the students and spend time playing with students
  5. Help on sustainability-related projects, or the ones volunteers devise