Child Care and Community Outreach


Volunteering with children is the most rewarding and exciting experience for every volunteer. Volunteers work alongside with existing staff to take care of orphanages. Being a child care volunteer in the orphanage home, your work involves feeding and dressing the kids and keeping them active. Care takers and local staff assist volunteers in their daily work to help manage the orphanage home in a way that they deem it fit. As a volunteer, you can also assist in the office if you feel you can contribute to organizing things more. Volunteers also have the opportunity to design teaching programs for the kids and help in improving their knowledge and understanding by teaching them in play way methods. As a volunteer at the orphanage home, your duties depend on the placement and individual skills.

As a volunteer, you get to experience the local culture, enjoy free cultural drumming or dancing lessons which we offer to our volunteers. Working in the orphanage home as a volunteer, all they need from you is love and attention, fun and jokes to always put e smiles on their faces.

Most volunteers, who work at the orphanage home, also choose to combine it with the teaching program, so that they work in the school project during the morning hours and go back to the orphanage in the afternoon, and our host families are so lovely and caring families.
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Goals of this Project

  • Provide essential childcare to vulnerable children in the Orphanage home
  • Improve the future prospects of the children
  • Give impoverished children quality care, compassion and a sense of hope
  • Boost the confidence and aspirations of marginalized children and their families
  • • Enable inter-cultural exchange which benefits both students and international volunteers alike.

How You can Help

Volunteers play an essential role in helping disadvantaged children through this program. Participants will spend their time taking care of children and assisting the local team as needed. Volunteers on this program will assist with a variety of tasks dedicated to the wellbeing of children and can rest assured that their help is making a huge impact on these wonderful children. The work usually undertaken by volunteers in this program entails organizing play, assisting with arts and crafts, and helping with meals, hygiene and HIV/AIDS education. At the children’s center, volunteers will be working on schedules alongside local staff. As this program involves working closely with children at risk, a two-week minimum commitment is required to participate.

Volunteers will contribute in a number of ways to this program and can expect to undertake the following tasks:

  • Help to care for the children
  • Help the children with homework
  • Attend to and interact with the children
  • Create activities and entertain the children with games
  • Assist with administration and running the facility
  • Conducting digital classrooms to facilitate E-Learning i.e. E-Books and net books
  • Setting up and participating in sports and recreational activities with the students so as to develop their physical and mental strength
  • Organizing and participating in performing and visual arts which includes arts and crafts, music, dance and drama
  • Helping learners in developing their command of the English language through improving their vocabulary, spelling, pronunciation, handwriting, debates and public speaking to boost self-confidence