My name is Dragos Ionita

My name is Dragos Ionita and I’m from Romania. I’m studying Engineering of Installations in the 3rd year. I was lucky to be part of SEDARVP GHANA Erasmus project.
I never thought it will be such an amazing experience. I met a lot of people from Ghana, Togo and also Denmark. I have only beautiful words about everyone I’ve met: friendly, generous, respectfully and intelligent are just a few qualities they have.
In Ghana, Tamale ,I had the most beautiful time. We have made a lot of interaction games to know each other better and in that way we became best friends. I’m still in good relations with a lot of people i met there and I really hope I’ll have the opportunity to meet them again.
By those words I want to say thank you from all my heart to the entire team for all the effort! Respect!
Cu respect,
Ionita Dragos

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