My name is Alice Boyer,

My name is Alice Boyer, I’m a 25 years old French woman.
I would like to share with you my experience with SEDARVP GHANA.
In November 2015, I participated to an international project in Ghana. 4 countries were involved: Ghana, Togo, Denmark and Romania.
I was part of the Romanian team because I’m living in Romania now.
This project was for me the opportunity to go for the first time on the African continent and to discover a new culture, new traditions and to meet some very great people with whom I’m still in touch with.
I would like to thanks the members of SEDARVP GHANA association for their heartwarming welcome and for their hospitality. If the experience was amazing it is because SEDARVP GHANA made us feel like home, they were very attentive of our needs and well-being.
If you want to volunteer and have a great experience in Ghana, I recommend with all my heart SEDARVP GHANA association. I met incredible people that I miss a lot and that I hope to see again soon.

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