In 2015 I was part

In 2015 I was part of running a big EU exchange project involving 4 countries – Ghana, Togo, Romania and Denmark. The project was taking place in Tamale Ghana and Sedarvp Ghana was our partner and the host, whilst we were there. It was an absolutely amazing experience and beautiful to meet so many dedicated people, who work hard everyday to make the world a better place.

Sedarvp Ghana is an organization that passionately and determined are changing the life of people there are in need. I have seen how they with very few resources are helping children, women and marginalized people and are giving them hopes for the future. I have deep respect for their hard work and hope that Sedarvp Ghana will grow even bigger, so they can reach even more people in future!

Gladly we are still working together and through our collaboration we have fundraised money in Denmark to create ‘Mobile Street Libraries’ – these will be established this spring 2017 in Tamale. Sedarvp will develop and run the libraries to help young people with their school work and to pass their exams, which is hard for a lot of youth in Tamale due to lack of money and school materials.

I’m so happy for getting to know Sedarvp Ghana – they are all very inspiring people and I look forward to continue our collaboration. So thank you Sedarvp Ghana and not least Mr. Shaibu Niendow Abukari, the founder and director of Sedarvp Ghana, for such a warm welcome, for a fantastic exchange project, for introducing us to your work, and for making the world a better place! 

Maja Hedin. Denmark.

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