I had heard so much

I had heard so much good about Sedarvp Ghana that I start as soon as possible my journey to Ghana.
First, I met Mr. Shaibu Niendow the founder and president of Sedarvp Ghana. He is a very friendly and open-minded man. He has such a big heart and he wants to help everywhere in Ghana where he can.
Shaibu showed me his projects there in the Northern Region. In a small town with the typical round-houses I met the female members of his Women Empowerment project. They showed me how they are making from shea-nuts the best shea-butter and also how they made their typical handmade ceramic pots for saving water and foods inside.
With Shaibu I also visited the school with a lot of young girls and boys. In a simple house they have two classrooms there and the children were laughing and having a good time to meet me.
Football/Soccer – most Ghanaian boys and men play it full with passion. Sedarvp Ghana project also gives a chance to young boys for playing football in club there. We visited them and it was a pleasure for me to see that every young player on the field is full with biggest enthusiasm. Some of the boys have soccer-shoes, but the most of them played without shoes because they have no money to buy. But all are playing respectful together.
For a few days I was a little bit silent, because I was so impressed with the projects and all the effects of what I have seen here.

~ Olaf Eggers, GERMANY

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