Abukari Shaibu Niendow

Founder of SEDARVP

My name is Abukari Shaibu Niendow, Founder of SEDARVP-Ghana. SEDARVP-Ghana is a Youth Focused Organization setup to create supportive platforms to challenge youth creativity in the areas of Human Rights and education, social change, volunteerism and rural development. As an organization, we are committed to making available critical information and resources needed for total development of the Youth of Ghana and beyond especially in the rural with regards to human rights education. Our mission therefore is to empower youngsters through quality education, social justice and civic education for the betterment of humanity. We know the importance of fighting the underlying causes of poverty so that our work will have a lasting impact. Women in poor communities are at the heart of SEDARVP-Ghana efforts to improve health, and economic opportunity because experience shows that a woman's achievements yield dramatic benefits for her entire family. SEDARVP-Ghana is also committed to providing lifesaving assistance during times of crisis and helping rebuild safer, engaging in environmental awareness creation for a stronger communities afterward, Every position at SEDARVP-Ghana contributes to realizing our overall vision and mission. I welcome your interest in joining a diverse, talented, professional and extremely committed team. If you are interested in a career dedicated to building a world of hope, tolerance and social justice where poverty has been overcome and everyone lives with dignity and security, I encourage you to take the first step and apply today! Thank you all.


Mrs. Fatima Chalpang Issahaku


Issahaku Fatima chalpang had her secondary education in Ghana senior high situated in the northern region. From there she went to the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology to pursue her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and Social Work. Whilst there, she was on regular attachments with the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice(CHRAJ), Tamale office where she was attached to the administrative department and later did her mandatory national service in the same office , this time as a research officer. She has since been having short contracts with Abts Associates, the implementers of the Indoor residual spraying project funded by USAID. She is there as a data assistant. Chalpang is a strong believer in the education and empowerment of the girl child and women. She dreams of a better world for all. She is the girl child education coordinator.


Mohammed Awal

Director for Programmes

He is a Programme development specialist with over six years’ experience of moving projects toward success. He is dedicated to working hard to fulfill organization and project goals. Highly experienced in managing schedules, identifying and limiting risks, and maintaining all crucial documentation of work done. Motivated team player who excels at collaborating with other team members and project managers to solve issues, devising creative solutions, and ensuring smooth sailing. Above all, he is a goal-driven person who strives to exceed expectations daily. Previously, he has worked with Youth Bridge Foundation as a Project Officer and was also the lead project officer in the Access, Services and Knowledge Project in the Northern Region. Awal was born in Tamale and also has his basic education in Tamale.He is an alumni of the University for Development Studies Where he pursued a course in B.A Integrated Development Studies with an optional specialization in Development Communication.



Assistant Executive Secretary

My name is Alhassan Mohammed Andani, a BSc. Social Change Communication student of the University for Development Studies. I am an Assistant Executive Secretary at Sedarvp Ghana and my role is to assist in coordinating the administrative works in the organization. I believe children are the leaders of tomorrow and therefore should not be denied the basic necessities of life. I therefore would like to take it upon myself to contribute in righting this wrong and making life better for them. I have passion for volunteerism and I have dedicated my knowledge and skills in changing the world around me by working with similar organizations like International Citizen Service Ghana and the Ghana Scout Association. I am a writer/Poet/Author and will like to use my writing skills to communicate on behalf of the less privileged in society to the world out there, so that together we can make life better for humanity and as well give the world a brighter future through humanitarian initiatives.




I am a dynamic individual with team working and good communication skills; Nurideen Mohammed Zakiyu is a 26 years old Scout leader. As a volunteer I want to give back to the community, develop new skills and meet new people. I believe that to be more effective in transforming lives, we need to reinforce our education profile, our culture of service and our response to societal challenges. But everybody needs to be involved, especially young people, because they are an invaluable source of energy, creativity and values


Mr. Abdul-Muumin Sualihu


My name is Mr. Abdul-Muumin Sualihu. But I prefer to be called Zaapayim which is my alias! Zaapayim in my native language means ‘all human beings are not equal’. My current status at Sedarvp Ghana is Executive Secretary. I coordinate the administrative works of our noble organization. At Sedarvp-Ghana, volunteerism is our hallmark. I believe in Sir Issac Newton words “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants”. We believe in lifting others from their mess! Though I am a professional teacher and trainer, I prefer to do my coaching and training in the “space” rather than in the restricted classroom setting. I love to do social work (which is what my organization does daily); supporting the vulnerable, coaching and training deprived persons etc. I have special interest in International Events and Issues; watching and listening to both television and radio news are a part of me. My greatest goal or passion is to enhance my skills and expertise in the next three years in order to greatly contribute to making our world a better place.



Asistant Public Relation Officer

After having completed his Senior High Education, he moved to the University of Professional Studies, where he offered Diploma in Business Studies, Accounting option. And having a strong passion towards the development of women in terms of their economic lives, he was appointed as a Credit Officer and a Risk manager at HFC Bank/Boafo Micro Finance and now Republic Bank Ghana. Where he gave facilities to various women groups to improve upon their socio-economic lives




Advocacy to my understanding is pledging support or fighting for a cause which aims to influence decisions for the betterment of life. I’ve engaged in volunteering on both Local and Regional levels, and it was mainly on Women and youth empowerment, Peace Building, and childcare. My experience throughout has been exciting and overwhelming because I felt I was a part of this giant steps taking to make the world better. I would be happy to share my story with the world, and I will love to educate you to take part in the course. My aim is to minimize if not eradicate EARLY CHILD MARRIAGE and CYBER CRIME, these are gaining firm grounds and seemingly been accepted in my community. I am a 25year old passionate, undaunted and a happy-go young lady who goes by the name BEIDAWU MIKASHINI ABUBAKARI,a Diplomat and a teacher by education, but also an entrepreneur by life. I enjoy cooking, and also love to enjoy great meals; I listen to music, reading novels and outdoor activities. My interest are voluntary works which i do a lot, attending seminars ,talk shows, symposiums, and workshops to learn new ideas to impart on my local community. I got in to it because I am a victim of life, I grew up away from my family and it was super tough, I am a wild flower, I nurtured and watered myself and survived, I am strong lady and keep asking myself if people will survive what I did, I want to give back to society what I never had, what you should know about me is that I smile a lot. As the Public Relations Officer for SEDARVP GHANA, I’m the strong link of the organization to the outside world, and I uphold my office in high esteem in executing my duties.




Saani Mohammed is the founder and CEO of Tour Africa Travel Agency (based in Canada) with the mission to unearth and expose the beauties of Africa to the world. Being originally from Ghana in West Africa and having lived in Canada for almost a decade, he identified the dearth of information and misinformation about Africa that exist among the general population of North America and set out to change it. From this observation came the idea of Tour Africa Travel Agency with the motto “Discover Africa-land of cultures and opportunities”. His vision is “To create the opportunity for every willing Canadian and North American to visit, feel and experience Africa at a personal level so as to positively impact and enrich the lives of all”. To achieve this vision, he started organizing guided package tours to Ghana which proved highly successful over the years. It is in furtherance with this vision that he has decided to partner with Sedarvp-Ghana to ensure that, every willing Canadian is able to visit Africa anytime they want. Saani holds an MBA/MSc in International Business from Vancouver Island University and Bachelor of Arts in International Development from Ghana. His experience spans long service in public and private service at the managerial level and a thorough knowledge of the Ghanaian tourism and service industry. His passion is to see that, the world recognizes Africa as a place of untapped opportunities and future of the world.

Seidu Ibrahim



My name is SEIDU IBRAHIM, a BBA Human Resource Management student of university of education winneba. I am a Ghanaian of 30 years with a great passion for volunteerism, forming a redemptive relationship with those who have been ignored or rejected by the society and I hope to bring the hope of change to the poor communities. Long-term commitment to a poor community help's to build trust at a personal level and is an important means of addressing the root causes of brokenness. I play a role as financial officer, by ensuring that all accounts receivables and payables activities are performed accurately and timely. Also it is my responsibilities to overseas the preparation of all financial statements, invoices, proposal's etc as required.

Alai Wunpini



My name is Alhassan Wunpini but mostly known by others as Alai. I am a boy of 17 years and I have the passion in computer technology. What inspires me about computer technology is that it helps make work easier. Simple way of defining computer right? I believe that technology should be used to make the world a better place. Technology should be able to reach people beyond economic and social barriers. Where ever I find myself, I try to solve daily problems with technological ideas I develop just to make the society a better place. I am full of surprises when it comes to the tech world and I love exploring. Learning new things is my hobby and travelling too.

Prince Billy Tiyumba



My name Prince Billy Tiyumba , Assistant programs organizer of Sedarvp -Ghana. Volunteerism has always been an area that I love so much and having join Sedarvp -Ghana for all this years , I have gain lots of in-depth knowledge on volunteering and also happy giving back to society. As our motor stands ,volunteers for a better world. Join our team for a better world in progress. Thank you all.