Street Library Project

Sedarvp Ghana is a Non- Governmental Organization whose core objective is to recruit mostly young people within and outside Ghana to undertake voluntary works for the good of society.

The Street Library Project is one of our major projects as ‘ we embark on creating an innovative education to help improve reading and learning culture amongst young persons in Ghana.

Libraries play very instrumental role in the development of both urban and rural communities as they provide a livable and environmentally friendly space for people especially kids to develop their potentials through reading of relevant books, interacting with friends and learning from one another.

Reading widens the scope of a child, pushing them to think outside the box and enhances their imagination, making them intelligent and artistic in a very unique manner.

In our part of the world, many people have not embraced reading but there are a whole lot of others who love to read but cannot afford to buy books which are very expensive anyway!

Schools in most Ghanaian communities also face problems with books as students are not able to read properly because there are fewer books available in their schools to read and the few that are available are either outmoded or damaged beyond repairs.

Many parents in the rural communities have also complained about their kids getting into bad companies due to peers pressures. It is very common in our societies today that, kids get involved in all kinds of social vices including stealing, drug abuse and internet fraud.

We at Sedarvp Ghana have found out that it is because these kids have nothing productive doing after school, that they are tempted to use their extra energy to engage in vulgar acts.

Sedarvp “Street Library” facility provides kids the space to judiciously engage themselves.

It provides easy access to a reading facility for kids to read!

It is for this motive that we are embarking on this campaign to appeal to Governmental agencies, corporate institution, Partner organizations and other able individuals to support this project in cash or in kind.

It is our aim that with the support of the public we will be able to put up “street libraries”, stock them with relevant and most recent books, historical monuments, computers, internet services and other research materials which will help improve upon the reading and writing skills of our Twinkle Twinkle Future Stars!

Together We Create An Enhanced Education For All!