Step Forward Project

The project is called STEP Forward Project ( Sustainable Transformational Education for Participatory Learning in Democratic Life). It’s an Erasmus+ project funded by the European Union.

The Program is aimed at gathering information through research from countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and other parts of the world. With this information and resource available, a new educational module can be designed with the scope to integrate the values of sustainability and active citizenship in our current formal educational system. The participating countries include organizations from Ghana,Kenya, Spain, Greece, Vietnam and Peru with 25 participants.

The project targets Educators, Youth Workers, Researchers, Project Managers and Young people who are engaged in experiential activities and solution oriented educational approach. By introducing an inclusive definition of sustainability; raising awareness about social and environmental initiatives, alternative economic models, new forms of cooperation and civic participation to youth – Promoting transformative, experiential and non- formal learning and its specific application


Participants will learn the basic concept of sustainability, understand the role of community building and be able to map and describe particular socio-ecological and economic initiatives around the world, develop skills on creating their own non-formal educational methods and enhance cross- cultural understanding.