Sedarvp Ghana Embarked on A Clean up exercise in Tamale.

Sedarvp-Ghana on Surtaday the 20th of November, 2021 embarked on a clean up exercise at buglan fong, a suburb of Tamale in the Northern region of Ghana.

The membership of Sedarvp-Ghana and a section of the community members including the assembly member and some opinion leaders all joined in the close to four hours clean up exercise. The participants formed small groups as a strategy to clean up the entire area effectively on time.

The exercise included the cleaning of gutters, sweeping, gathering and disposing of refuse etc. All participant were provided with brooms, gloves, nose masks for protection, rakes, wheel barrows, shovels among others to ensure that the exercise was executed smoothly in accordance with hygiene principles and without any health risks.

Mr. Abukari Neindow, the executive director of Sedarvp Ghana while addressing a mini durbar after the clean-up exercise said, the initiative forms part of the organisation’s social responsibility of creating a better world in whatever small way.

According to him, the primary goal of this exercise is to encourage the community, especially the youth to develop the community labour spirit and make cleanliness a regular activity in the community. He took the opportunity to thank the Assembly member, the opinion leaders, the youth leader and the entire community for their absolute cooperation throughout the exercise. He further assured them of Sedarvp-Ghana’s readiness to support the community in subsequent cleanup exercises.

The Assembly member, Mr. Umar Okasha on his part thanked SEDARVP-GHANA on behalf of the community members and appealed for more support and collaboration from the organization. His address was preceded by a suprise mini get together organized by SEDARVP-GHANA as a way to motivate community members and volunteer socialization purposes.


  1. Well done and keep the good work up

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