Today marks the final day of Sedarvp Ghana’s Job-shadowing with Greek partners, United Societies of Balkans. It has been a two week impactful observation and learning activities with regards to the working methodologies of United Societies of Balkans, in terms of youth development in line with the overall objectives of the #YSEEAM project, involving partners from Italy, Ghana, Denmark, Greece, Vietnam, South Africa and Nepal.

It is worth mentioning that the job-shadowing has happened at a very important time USB is also running some very significant youth exchange programs for youths across EU member states, and, also hosting volunteers for community development activities in Stratoni and other towns in the Aristotelis Municipality. These important activities have afforded Sedarvp Ghana the most timely opportunity to understand how its partners develop youth-centered programs for the benefit of the European and global youths, especially in areas of non-formal youth empowerment, including social entrepreneurship.

Sedarvp Ghana has taken the opportunity to participate in some of these activities and has practically engaged with USB’s volunteers on some communal exercises. USB has not also missed the opportunity to learn the working methodologies of its guest. The two organizations in a typical Erasmus+ fashion have exchanged informed youth policy ideas and will continue to share more of such and of development related issues.

Also worth noting is that, United Societies of Balkans has accorded Sedarvp Ghana the best of hospitality and an unforgettable working experience. The visits to some of the most important tourist destinations in Greece, including Olympiada village, St. Varvara waterfalls, Stratoni , Ierissos (the village with the 3D museum), Ouranoupolis (the last village before the borders of holy mountain

a couple of islands, etc, have been of immense impact for Sedarvp Ghana as a guest. The latter could not have hoped for a more collaborative, well-coordinated, organized, informed and benevolent host. Sedarvp Ghana is inspired to foster many more collaborations with USB and many of its ilk across the world for a better future through youth development programs, policies and projects.

In conclusion, special thanks and appreciation go to these amazing personalities who made our stay such a remarkable one. Help us convey words of gratitude to Lucif-Claire Salvador, an amazing freelancer, who coordinated our activities. A special ‘thank you’ goes to Aristodimos who is the President of USB and last but not least, a very big ‘thank you’ to Yannis, who made this trip a reality. Thank you all, from the bottom of our heart.


  1. Kudos to the family

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