Midwifery and Maternity


This essential program places volunteer’s right where help is needed. Participants can experience a new country and culture, while also gaining first-hand experience and developing useful skills within their field. Internships are available within local hospitals and will be arranged based on the students’ skills and experience.

Once onsite, interns can expect to be working alongside local medical personnel and will have the opportunity to shadow and observe their work. Hospital staff will be supervising the interns at all times and will be providing on-going support and assistance. Although this is not a hands-on position, interns will be involved in births and will have the opportunity to learn a great deal from these experiences. In some cases, it may be possible for interns to have a more active role, but this will be dependent on their experience and the relationship they have built with the local staff. Hands-on responsibilities will be given to those who have proven they are ready and competent.

Goals of this Project:

  1. Provide essential maternity care in Ghana
  2. Provide volunteer labour in busy under-resourced hospitals
  3. Provide interns with valuable knowledge and experience in maternity care.
  4. Enable inter-cultural exchange which benefits both locals and international volunteers alike.

How You Can Help

Volunteers will find this program to be hugely beneficial – for themselves and to the hospitals they support. Interns will be working alongside local doctors, absorbing knowledge and supporting where their skills allow, providing essential additional assistance for hospitals who are short of staff. There will be many opportunities to witness procedures; and due to this developing Ghana’s health needs especially in this remote communities, interns may come across health issues rarely, if ever, seen in developed nations’ health care systems. Participating volunteers will find that overseas internships are a great way of enhancing CV’s and employers generally regard this highly when recruiting. Volunteers who wish to partake in this exciting program will need advanced English language skills, and need to provide documentation confirming their involvement in a medical related degree. Interns are also required to submit their CV and a letter of motivation which must be presented in English.

Volunteers will contribute in several ways to this program and can expect to undertake the following tasks:

Shadow doctors and staff

Support staff with medical and administration functions

Provide care and support to patients as their training and experience allows