SEDARVP-Ghana Internship Programs cover issues like research topics, languages,
occupation, origin, culture and indigenous African healing methods and practices.

SEDARVP-Ghana organizes internships in northern Ghana. The internships are formed for

international students of various fields to get work experience in Ghana.
After receiving a request from a student, SEDARVP-Ghana contacts old and new associates
to form an appropriate program.

Internships primarily include the following:

During the SEDARVP-Ghana Internship Program the student will be engaged in daily project
activities. The manager of the project, together with the staff of SEDARVP Ghana, serves as
the supervisor of the intern.

SEDARVP-Ghana recommends at least one week of local language and cross culture studies
regardless of what field the internship is in.


In the past our volunteers have worked in the Tamale teaching Hospital in the following areas
of interest:


Outside of SEDARVP-Ghana programs are a wealth of engaging and active volunteer
opportunities and include:


If you are a lover of sports and enthusiastic to work with kids, but are not confident enough
to take on a teaching program, then this is a great program for you!

Volunteers will work with young children, especially in our community orphanage Football
Academy, and sometimes older people based on a volunteers request to develop their interest
in a range of sports and increase their skill base.

In addition to the obvious physical benefits of physical education, the program helps to give
the children mental discipline and heightens alertness and coordination. The program will
generally involve physical training, teaching the kids how to work as a team, bringing the
best out of the players and also give the children more self confidence.

Football is extremely popular in Ghana, as it is in most African countries. However
volunteers are encouraged to introduce different sports to the children (volunteers may need
to bring special material and equipment for this as there is a chance it cannot be purchased in

Football training will still play a large role in the program and football matches will be
arranged between volunteer teams and others from neighboring villages or towns.

The Sports Academy has an Under 12's team and Under 17's team. These boys are extremely
talented and in need of sponsors!


Volunteer & Internship information and fees:

Length of Stay Amount(Euros) Amount(GBP) Amount(USD)
1 week 226.68 194.47 250
2 weeks 453.30 388.88 500
3 weeks 543.96 466.62 600
4 weeks (1 month) 700 544.39 700
5 weeks 800 622.16 800
6 weeks 817.38 700.38 900
8 weeks (2 months) 1,180.78 1,011.60 1300
3 months 1,271.68 1,089.41 1400
4 months 1900 1641 2135
5 months 2220 1918 2494
6 months 2360 2038 2650

What Do My Volunteer/Intern Fees Pay For?
As part of the participation fees, participants will be provided with:

What Additional Costs Will I Have?
The participation fee excludes:

Optional Costs: