Welcome to Sedarvp-Ghana

SEDARVP-Ghana is a Youth Focused Organization setup to create supportive platforms to challenge youth creativity in the areas of Human Rights and education, social change, volunteerism and rural development. As an organization, we are committed to making available critical information and resources needed for total development of the Youth of Ghana and beyond especially in the rural with regards to human rights education. Our mission therefore is to empower youngsters through quality education, social justice and civic education for the betterment of humanity.

As a non-governmental organization, we also aim at promoting good and quality education in all the rural and remote communities in Ghana through volunteers support.

For the communities being served, SEDARVP - Ghana aspires to enhance and empower the lives of mankind through various social, civil and developmental efforts to result in a positive and promising global economic future.



SEDARVP-Ghana's mission is to empower youngsters through quality education, social justice and civic education for the betterment of humanity.

Through : The education of youth about the dangers of irregular migration. advocacy for youth involvement in environmental protection collaboration with other institutions for the complete eradication of child labour. and the awareness creation on drug and substance abuses.


To achieve a society without child beggers and child trafficking. To achieve universal quality education for all To attain a state of dignity for mankind To achieve zero illiteracy within the sub region


Aims & Objectives

  • To assist the education of underprivileged children within our operational areas
  • To assist or enhance adult literacy through innovative education
  • To assemble, prepare and dispatch volunteers to deprived schools, orphanages, hospitals and or areas where their talents are most needed
  • To create a platform for both local and intentional volunteers to share experiences for the benefit of humanity
  • To raise funds through donors or partners and subsidiary agencies to undertake projects and programs that will inure to the benefit of humanity
  • To partner likeminded organizations both locally and internationally in order to achieve a desired goal
  • To raise the financial standing of underprivileged or the unemployed youngsters in the northern region through training and capacity building
  • To develop strategies and initiate support for different development projects based on the requests and needs of the locals within our catchment areas

Our Philosophy

Our believe is to have a world in progress!


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